“Specialty Tree Care”

Over 65 years in the tree care industry.

Specialty Tree Care and Landscaping LLC

Specialty Tree Care And Landscaping LLC 

A Small Friendly Family Owned Business Since 1964.

Just because we are Experts doesn't mean our prices are High.

We have been serving this area for 53 years.

Over 16,000 Tree Jobs completed.

Trimmed, pruned, dead wooded, de-mossed, cleaned, or removed over 38,000 trees.

Why? - Because of all our satisfied customers that call us back over and over again !

Contact us at 386-672-0219 Today.

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Compact Mini Skid Loaders

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New Video

Storm Damage.

Leaning Oak Tree

Leaning after the storm.

Tree on house

Live Oak snapped.

Bark damage.

Peeling bark.

Pine tree snapped off.

Pine trees snapped off by a tornado.

Oak tree top split into.

Tornado damaged Oak tree.

Truck totaled by a tornado.

Truck damaged by a tree.

Tree on house.

Pine tree laying across the roof of a house.

Tree on roof.

Fallen pine tree.

Pine tree hit house.

Pine tree laying on roof .

Tree branch with long split.

Crack in tree branch.

Limb ripped off.

Storm damage.

Dead branch.

Dead hanging branch.

We Specialize in All Types of Storm Damage.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, or lightning damage.

We can remove trees off your home, vehicle, driveway,fence,

 yard, or other trees with no additional damage.

We can repair your damaged trees and make them safe.

After a storm has damaged your trees and property you don't want

someone causing more damage to remove the debris from your yard,

that's why we use lightweight equipment and delicately do the cleanup.

We value your property and will do everything possible to prevent further damage.

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