Specialty Tree Care And Landscaping LLC 

A Small Friendly Family Owned Business Since 1964.

Just because we are Experts doesn't mean our prices are High.

We have been serving this area for 53 years.

Over 16,000 Tree Jobs completed.

Trimmed, pruned, dead wooded, de-mossed, cleaned, or removed over 38,000 trees.

Why? - Because of all our satisfied customers that call us back over and over again !

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Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Holly Hill, Palm Coast, Ormond By Sea, South Daytona

Over 65 years in the tree care industry.

Specialty Tree Care and Landscaping LLC
“Specialty Tree Care”

Ormond Beach

Daytona Beach

Safety can save your life.

Let the Professionals do the tough stuff !

When it comes to doing the job yourself you need to know your limits.

A professional tree service has the knowledge and physical ability when it comes to caring for your trees. They climb trees  with little effort and have very good balance on there feet. Using a chain saw is second nature to them. They know where each limb is going to fall and how to miss obstacles below. They will lower tree branches and wood when necessary to avoid damaging your property using ropes and lowering devices. The tree crew can remove all the heavy debris without injuring there backs.

Now ask yourself if you can do all the above and not get yourself or others injured or possibly killed doing the trees without the help of a professional tree service.

Next can you do the tree work without damaging your property (House, fence, other trees and plants, walks, driveway, utility lines above and below ground, sprinklers, lawn, shed, your neighbors stuff etc.)

Finally if you can't answer yes to all of these please consider hiring a professional to do the job because your SAFETY is more important than saving money. One visit to the ER for a saw injury, concussion, broken bone ....... will cost much more than what you pay the tree service.

Oh and hiring a non professional tree service to save a few bucks may also cost you more in the end because they may not have the experience or safety abilities to do the job right. So don't pay a non professional your money to do an improper job on your trees and later pay again to get the trees fixed.

Dead tree near power lines.

Non professional tree job.

Dino Lift Professional Tree Care

Professional doing a tree.

This site is designed to inform and educate the home owner on the more proper ways of taking care of trees. The educated home owner can better understand trees and how trees could be cared for. The home owner can also tell if the tree job was done right or not. The home owner can better discuss the work that needs to be done with the tree service.

        This Site is not intended for the home owner to learn and try to do all the tree care services. Be careful and know your limitations before you try to use power equipment, ladders, ropes or climbing trees.

   Tree companies pay high insurance rates because of the hazards involved in doing tree work. Professional tree companies carry both liability and workers compensation insurance to protect the home owner from liability claims and law suits.

   So please be careful and use common sense; if the job calls for a professional get one..................Thank you.