“Specialty Tree Care”

Over 65 years in the tree care industry.

Specialty Tree Care and Landscaping LLC

Specialty Tree Care And Landscaping LLC 

A Small Friendly Family Owned Business Since 1964.

Just because we are Experts doesn't mean our prices are High.

We have been serving this area for 53 years.

Over 16,000 Tree Jobs completed.

Trimmed, pruned, dead wooded, de-mossed, cleaned, or removed over 38,000 trees.

Why? - Because of all our satisfied customers that call us back over and over again !

Contact us at 386-672-0219 Today.

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Ormond Beach Tree Service and Tree Trimming , Daytona Beach Tree Service and Tree Removal

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Daytona Beach

Tree Service
Ormond Beach

Compact Mini Skid Loaders

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The Secret to Being the Best Tree Service around.

High quality service.

Offer the best tree care available anywhere.

Prune trees so that the homeowner will be proud of the work that you have done.

Never damage the homeowners live trees.

Make all cuts properly for fast healing and to prevent decay.

Always make trees look better than they were.(No hat racking or lion tailing).

All jobs are completed with no damage to anything on the property.

Haul away all debris and never leave brush at the curb.

Make every job into a masterpiece for everyone to see.


Have employees that take pride in their work.

Have a drug-free workplace.

All employees are clean, well mannered and never use foul language on-the-job.


Always charge a fair price for the work that you're going to do.

Never price gouge anyone no matter what the situation.

Give up front pricing for the work that you agreed to do.

Only collect for the job when it's completed and the customer is satisfied.

Never demand payment up front or before the job is finished.

Be able to accept payment by check.


It is important to have a good reputation and be recommended by all customers.

Your customers are the most important aspect for a successful business.

Taking good care of your customers creates repeat customers.

Success in the tree care industry is built on quality and not the cheapest prices.

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Lesson 2 - How to Become An Excellent Tree Trimmer

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