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Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Ormond By Sea, Halifax Plantation

Over 66 years in the tree care industry.

Specialty Tree Care and Landscaping LLC
“Specialty Tree Care”

Ormond Beach

Daytona Beach

Safe Tree Removal Techniques

We use and are developing the most advanced rigging techniques available today.

Tree removal today has to be done in a manner that is completely safe and prevents

damage to the homeowners property.

We do not like to take shortcuts when it comes to tree removal. 

Examples of shortcuts are;

1. Falling whole trees or very large branches to get the tree on the ground faster.

2. Dropping tree branches and logs to speed up the removal.

3. Letting large branches hit the roof of your house.

4. Using heavy equipment on your yard to remove the limbs and logs.

5. Doing tree work in an unsafe manor to get done faster.

6. Poor quality pruning, bad cuts, stub cuts, topping and tree gaffing from climbing.

Property damage and personal injury have been on the rise since 2004.

Much of this property damage and personal injury does not make it to the news media.

So the general public is not made aware of the risk involved in hiring a tree service.

The number of active tree services in this area has doubled since 2004.

There is an alarming number of tree services working in this area without

a license or insurance to cover property damage or personal injury.

A lot of these new tree services popping up in this area are working out of

the trunk of a car or pickup trucks with dump trailers being popular choices

for hauling trees away.

A new trend for tree work is also hiring illegal aliens as workers because the owner

of the tree service is not required to carry Worker's Compensation insurance on them.

No income taxes have to be taken out or reported when working illegal aliens.

When one of these illegal aliens gets injured on the job they get all their medical care

at no charge from our local hospital at the taxpayer's expense.

Examples of damage and injuries that have happened in this area lately.

1. Large tree unintentionally falls the wrong direction hitting house.

2. Tree climber gets leg crushed by swinging log.

3. Chainsaw operator gets large laceration cut when chainsaw kicks back.

4. Rope accidentally cut and 250 pound log falls through roof and lands on the floor.

5. Climbing line accidentally cut and tree climber falls to the ground with broken bones.

6. Home owner struck by tree dies in New Smyrna Beach Oct. 11, 2010 while cutting a tree.
7. Tree-service worker electrocuted in Ormond Beach June 2, 2011

There are many more examples like this and new ones happening every week.

At Specialty Tree Care we strongly believe in safety and our goal is to help educate anyone wishing to work in the tree care industry by providing as much information as we can to help others achieve the same expertise that we have achieved over the past 60 years through our professional training

programs available through this web site.

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