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Repairing Storm Damaged Trees

Nearly all the trees in Volusia County have some kind of storm damage that has not been properly repaired since the bad 2004 hurricane season. We have been repairing and removing damaged trees since hurricane Charley hit this area in 2004.  The following list describes the type of storm damage to the trees that we are seeing and repairing.

1. Completely broken off branches that are hanging from other branches in the canopy.

2. Partially broken branches that are still alive but are decaying at the breakage point.

3. Tree trunks or branches that are split and cracked caused by twisting during the storms.

4. Jagged stubs from where branches broke off during the storms.

5. Lots of decaying from improper cuts made by nonprofessionals.

6. Trees that are leaning as a result of root damage or uprooting.

7. Insect and fungus damage attacking many trees because of stress.

8. Many hundreds of trees have also died since the storms.

Because of the weakened condition of so many trees in Volusia County we believe that another category one storm hitting this area would be very unfortunate.

Every homeowner that has trees around their home needs to have a true professional in the tree care industry inspect their trees for damage and possible hazards.

All damaged trees should either be repaired or removed for the safety of the property.

Do not wait until a tropical storm is on your doorstep to call a tree expert, at that time it will be too late to get your tree problems solved.

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