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Over 66 years in the tree care industry.

Specialty Tree Care and Landscaping LLC

Specialty Tree Care And Landscaping LLC 

A Small Friendly Family Owned Business Since 1964.

Just because we are Experts doesn't mean our prices are High.

We have been serving this area for 54 years.

Over 17,000 Tree Jobs completed.

Trimmed, pruned, dead wooded, de-mossed, cleaned, or removed over 40,000 trees.

Why? - Because of all our satisfied customers that call us back over and over again !

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Interior Cleaning and Thinning

What Are Some of the Advantages of Interior Cleaning and Thinning?

1. A Healthier Tree.

2. A More Storm Resistant Tree From High Wind Damage.

3. The Removal of Deadwood and Parasites.

4. The Removal of Weak And Conflicting Branches.

5. The Repair of Storm Damage, Improper Cuts, and Decay.

6. Moss and Vines Can Be Removed before they  Become a Problem.

7. The Selective Removal of Branches To Allow More Sunlight on the Lawn.

8. A Tree with a More Beautiful Canopy.  

Which Tree Service Should I Hire For Interior Cleaning?

Properly cleaning, thinning, and repairing trees requires much greater skills

compared to everyday tree removals.

A properly completed tree will have a natural looking shape and canopy

from the street or about 25 to 50 feet away with no signs of lion tailing.

All cuts made to your tree must be at the proper angle and distance for faster healing.

Very few tree services specialize in proper tree pruning techniques mainly because

there climbers are unskilled or don't have the desire to do this type of work.


The only way to truly know if the tree service that you're going to hire will do an

 excellent job is to get referrals and take the time to look at trees they've done in your area.

Tree Cleaning

Completed Oak Tree

Beautiful tree.

Smaller completed Oak tree.

At Specialty Tree Care we Specialize in Proper Tree Care.

We know exactly what you're tree needs to be healthy and to look beautiful.

Our best advertisement is our work and it shows with every tree that we do.

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