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Deadwood and Moss removal.

Removing Deadwood and Moss is the best way to keep your trees healthy.

Deadwood in your trees can turn into tree decay.

Decay can eat away at good limbs and the tree trunk itself.

By having all the deadwood removed with proper cuts the tree can heal itself.

In most cases deadwood comes from interior branches that lack the necessary

sunlight to survive.

Another common source of deadwood is from mistletoe that absorbs energy

from the host branch causing it to die back.

Other causes of dead branches in trees are fungus, wind damage, and insects.

Squirrels damage tree branches by gnawing off the bark and causing it to decay.

Having the Moss removed can also make your tree healthier.

Moss is an air plant that likes to grow mostly in Oak trees.

Moss lives off the air and needs very little moisture.

Moss survives quite well in the shady branches of Oak trees.

Oak trees don't mind a little bit of Moss growing on its branches.

If the Moss begins to grow too heavily branches can lose their sunlight.

When a branch is completely covered by Moss it acts like a blanket that

can block all the necessary sunlight and cause it to die.

When Moss has killed a branch completely the branch has to be removed.

If a branch has enough green left on it the Moss can be removed to save it.

There are two types of Moss that we remove from trees.

Spanish moss and Ball moss.

There are also other air plants that live in trees but they cause no harm.

Moss blanket

Spanish moss

No more moss.

Moss has been removed.

Air Plant.

A harmless air plant in a Oak tree.

Squirrel damage.

Repeated gnawing by squirrels.

Storm damage.

Dead branch.

Dead branch.

Dead Oak branch.


Ball moss.

Moss with a small flower.

More ball moss.

Close view


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