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We have been serving this area for 54 years.

Over 17,000 Tree Jobs completed.

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Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Ormond By Sea, Halifax Plantation

Over 66 years in the tree care industry.

Specialty Tree Care and Landscaping LLC
“Specialty Tree Care”

Ormond Beach

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Tree Removal Information & Permits

“All trees six inches diameter and up will require a tree removal permit.”

Measure the trees diameter at 4 ½ foot from the ground.

You will need a Tree Permit for;

All trees 6 inches in Diameter or greater.

Pine trees 10” inches in Diameter or greater.

Measure your tree at 4½ feet from the ground.

Mark the tree for removal with tape or a ribbon.

Next get your permit request in to your local city.

Remove tree after  permit has been approved.

Note: When you hire Specialty Tree Care we will be glad to handle the tree permit process for you.

Ormond Beach Online Tree Removal Permit Request

“This link will take you to the web site - then just fill out the form with your information.”

Once your permit is prepared, it can be picked up at the Finance Department:

City Hall Room 102

22 S. Beach St.
Ormond Beach, FL 32175

Top Reasons for Removing a Tree.

Tree is Dead, Diseased or has Insect Damage.

Tree has Cavities in the trunk or major limbs.

Tree could fall from Hurricane force winds.

Tree is to close to the house foundation.

Tree is in the way of new construction project.

Improper punning and topping of your tree.

City of Ormond Beach