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Specialty Tree Care And Landscaping LLC 

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We have been serving this area for 53 years.

Over 16,000 Tree Jobs completed.

Trimmed, pruned, dead wooded, de-mossed, cleaned, or removed over 38,000 trees.

Why? - Because of all our satisfied customers that call us back over and over again !

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Tree Care Basics

Trees in  Residential Areas

Oaks that need pruning

Trees in Residential settings is an unnatural environment for them to grow in and they need to be taken care of properly to survive well . Trees add beauty and value to your property and with proper care they can last for many years even hundreds.

The Trees in your yard are now competing with grass, plants, flower beds, driveways, walks, power lines, and even other trees.

In the forest trees mostly have each other to deal with but as trees grow together they help each other in many ways.

Forest trees can get there nutrients from leaves, plants, animals and other organic things as they decompose on the ground making richer soil.  Trees growing close together are protected better from high damaging winds also.

Tree Care

Your trees need lots of water every week either from heavy rains or irrigation from a hose or sprinkler system.

Fertilize them in the fall to early spring, this will add the nutrients trees need to stay healthy.

Proper Pruning to remove dead, storm damaged, weak, or diseased  branches. Proper thinning of interior branches to help prevent high wind damage and improve the appearance of your trees.

Remove all Mistletoe growth from the branches ( mostly found in Oaks, Cherry Laurel ). Mistletoe lives off the branches and will disfigure and  drain the life out of a tree.

Moss can give trees that southern look but too much will cause die back when limbs are covered over with it.

Vines can cause the same problem as moss if they are aloud to grow up the tree and onto the canopy branches.

Cavities in the tree trunk or branches can become bigger over time which makes it unsafe.

Trees that are tall and lean heavily to one side can potentially fall in that same direction if there not supported properly.

Fungus that attacks a trees root system and can cause a healthy looking tree to break off at the base and fall over.

As tree roots grow and get bigger they can easily break a driveway, sidewalk or even the foundation of your home

Two much Moss

Oak over pool

Tree in bad location