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Lesson 2

How to Become An Excellent Tree Trimmer 

1) First you should master all the skills from lesson 1 and

have a full understanding of how a ground crew works with

tree climbers.

2) Develop good communication skills with your foreman or

boss and understand the job instructions for each project.

Walk out the job with the foreman and customer if possible

and see exactly what work is to be done. Cutting off the 

wrong limbs or removal of the wrong tree is a mistake

you don't want to ever make but it can happen.

3) Before you begin the project and go into the tree you 

need to discuss the job with your ground crew. Tell your 

crew how you plan to do the tree and what you will expect

from them. Discuss any safety issues and precautions 

that may be necessary in order to complete the project.

4) Have all the tools your crew will need off the truck and

ready before you climb into the tree. Having to stop and

wait while a crew member goes after a needed tool during

the project slows down productivity.

5) Inspect the tree before you climb for any safety hazards like

dead limbs, broken hanging limbs, cavities, decaying tree trunks,

uprooting tree trunks, utility wires or power lines. Everyone's

safety is the first priority on the job and that includes the tree

climber. If there are any safety issues you must take all necessary

steps to prevent possible property damage or injuries to the crew.

6) Tree climbers must always use the proper gear when working

in and around trees. Free climbing a tree is very unsafe and 

can result in a serous injury or death from falling.

7) The tree climber must use a saddle that is in good condition

along with a good lanyard or flip line ( never use a wire core flip

line near electrical hazards). The climbing line rope must also

be in good condition without cuts or frays and be long enough

to get the climber to the ground in case of an emergency.

8) When ever possible get the climbers line in the tree first by

throwing it over a good limb that will support the climbers body

weight plus gear. A throw bag with light line works good for getting

the climbing line high in a tree. Once the climbers rope is over a

good limb at a fork be sure to test it while standing on the ground

with the climbers own weight plus one ground persons weight to

make sure it's safe and strong enough.

9) The tree climber can now use the climbing line to safely ascend

up the tree with the help of the ground crew. The climber secures

one end of the climbing line rope that is now in the tree to an

approved climbing saddle. The ground crew can hold the climbers

rope from the other end to prevent the climber from falling during the

climb up into the tree. As  the climber is going up the tree the ground

crew will keep the rope tight enough to remove any slack in the line

and use a friction devise or a wrap at the trees base to prevent the

climber from falling.

10) When using a ladder to get up into the tree you should still

use the climbing line method to prevent falling as described in

paragraph nine (9). It is also very unsafe to work off a ladder 

while doing tree work because a falling limb can hit the ladder

and even knock it out from under the person standing on it.

11) The tree climber should be trained and experienced in all

the skills necessary for climbing safety, repelling, proper

pruning techniques, and chainsaw safety.

12) After years of proper training and experience a tree

climber can become an excellent tree trimmer that can

change ordinary trees into healthy beautiful works of art

that will live and grow for many years to come.

Tree care is more than just cutting off tree limbs and

dropping them to the ground,instead it is always doing

what is best for the tree.

Make a difference by saving good trees in your community

and don't abuse them with improper trimming techniques

that destroy the shape or cause them to die.

Specialty Tree Care