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1955 Studebaker

Our first truck a 1955 Red Studebaker Pickup, an employee in cab.

Welcome to Specialty Tree Care and Landscaping LLC.

 We have been providing tree care services to the Daytona Beach Area since 1964. Dale Chapman started working in the tree industry when he was a teenager for a line clearing company in Virginia and in North Carolina for Carolina Tree Service Inc. He did line clearing along right of ways and in wooded back country areas for power lines. He also did private residential work with the same company.

Tree work in the 1950's was more particular back then when Dale Chapman started his training to be a tree surgeon. Back then or as many in the tree industry say ( the old School ) tree climbers had to do it right or they found themselves going back up the tree to do it over again. Every cut had to be flush or cut back to the proper lateral - no stubs were aloud.

Trees were cleaned of all dead wood and all moss from the branches. Climbers did not wear spikes when climbing the live trees so not to spread diseases from one tree to another.

Instead a climber had to use a ladder or throw his rope over the highest branch he could get and pull himself up into the canopy of the tree top. After the climber made it to the top of the tree he would tie in with his rope to a forked branch that could support his weight. Now that the climber was tide in with a rope to his saddle he could work on the tree branches with some safety from falling. The primary tool back then was the climbers hand saw or speed saw, ( not a chain saw, models back then weighed a hundred pounds ) they used it to do all the cutting in the tree and this caused tree men to have big muscular arms. 

 Dale Chapman worked until 1963 with the same company

which had transferred him to Florida by then.

At the age of 26 he started his own Expert Tree Service, Expert because of his professional Training with Davey Expert Tree Co.® 

Back then Dale was known by his nickname "Red" because of his red hair , today he goes by the name Dale and his hair is mostly a shade of gray.

He advertised in the phone book and a paper back then called the Green Sheet to get customers. But most of his work has always come from word of mouth and people that saw him working in there neighborhood. 

Over the years He has seen many other tree services come and go in this area and is still here today because of so many repeat customers.

  Dale Chapman the original owner passed in January 2012 and his son Michael is now running the company. Michael started his training in the art of tree care at the age of seven years old " that's when he wasn't at school learning his ABC's." Dale did not want Michael to become a tree climber like him because of the dangers and very hard work involved in this occupation. But “like father like son”.

   After many years working as a ground man Dale finally let Michael start climbing trees at the age of seventeen spotting ropes, dead wooding, and removing moss; not the fun stuff like removals. Michael spent years cleaning trees while Dale did all the tree removals and it has made Michael very good at tree trimming today. At the age of 30 Michael took over doing the tree removal’s so his father Dale could spend more time pricing jobs and grinding stumps. Michael has taken his skills learned from his father a step further by incorporating all of the latest advancements in tree care like advanced rigging and high tech equipment from around the world into his everyday work.

 Now Michael Chapman and his son Michael Jr. are running this small friendly family business in the Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach area.

 We are now Specialty Tree Care and Landscaping LLC


                Michael Chapman

Specialty Tree Care and Landscaping LLC

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